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This is what pissed me off today

Value of a Life?

What is the value of a human life? What determines the monetary or news worthiness of a life. Naomi was just two years old. Her family was broken and she was placed in foster care for her protection. In Feb … Continue reading

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Hey you…. Occupy this!

  I learned an interesting lesson the first time I attempted college. I was young and stupid and nowhere near ready for the college experience. I was out of state, on my own and the first gulf war had started … Continue reading

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Ok so… what now?

Osama is dead. I went to sleep last night before the news broke and was informed by my wife when she got home and into bed at 3AM. Osama is dead. I think I was to asleep at the time … Continue reading

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The History Channel.. we just make this shit up as we go along….

Ok I am a sucker for the whole 2012 thing.  I love it.  I love it all. it is great stuff.  Galactic conjunctions, pole shifts, nuke wars, virus outbreaks I especially love how the Mayans are sitting right smack in … Continue reading

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Pila miya yelo

Thank you to all our warriors and veterans who have served to ensure our freedoms. As a Lakota I value and honor our warriors past and present who have given service to all of us.  To all warriors who have … Continue reading

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The Long Slow Death of Halloween

Halloween wrapped up last night.  I had about 30 trick or treaters.  All very young, I think the oldest must have been 12 or so.  I remember when I was young and living in St. Paul.  My other younger years … Continue reading

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