Ikce Reduction Update

Ok it has been a week since I started all this. Wednesday and Thursday were loading “gluttony days” not sure how that works but the diet requires it. On Friday of last week the restricted diet started.

Up until Yesterday my life has been hell. I would stare at the cats and think “I wonder if they taste like chicken” I also kept searching for Moo Goo Guy Kittey recipes online. I was pretty miserable. Yesterday was an ok day, today is about the same.

Am I hungry? Yea I could eat but I am no longer searching Amazon.com for “101 Ways to Wok Your Cat” ever 15 minutes. I guess my body is settling into the 500 calories per day.

Jonette has reported a weight loss of 7 and ½ pounds already. I have probably lost the same or more. Belly measurements are down about an inch or so. I cannot be sure due to the inexact nature of holding a sewing tape measure above my belly button and having Jonette walk around me.

No real change yet, I am still too heavy for our scales. I think I can handle it for 30 days. I was told that I would need to continue on the restricted diet for 3 more days to flush out the supplement after I stop taking it. That was a shock to hear while imagining Yoshi kitten turn into a turkey leg.

Things are looking good. The cats are safe, and this will not be as bad as I thought it would be 48 hours ago. I am drinking lots of water, and sticking with the plan. Today lunch is a salad with 4oz of homemade taco meat, homemade salsa and some extra red pepper and tomato. It really helps that we make good flavorful food to eat.

This weekend I will be grilling up some flank steak to portion out for the week.

All I good, looking forward to less of me and wearing a Tanka Bar shirt.

The cats say Meow…. Except Mins she just hisses. Old grumpy thing that she is.


About ikcewicasa

Ikcewicasa means common man in Lakota. I guess that describes me. I am turning 40 next year. I have a college degree and I have a professional job. The blog is just random stuff. I try and keep most of my posts humorous in nature sprinkled with a bit of American Indian items, soundtracks (which I love), food (something I also love) and movies (when I have the money and time to go see them. so basically ramblings that rattle around in my mind. Hope you enjoy. Like what you read? comment and re post. don't like what you read, let me know as well. ALL STORIES ON THIS SITE ARE ABSOLUTELY TRUE... EXCEPT THE PARTS I MAKE UP!
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3 Responses to Ikce Reduction Update

  1. jimallder says:

    Good for you ! Hang in there, man !

    You GOT THIS !

    please excuse the whimsical urban slang. I got caught up in the moment.

    Move along, nothing to see here.

  2. The food you are eating sounds fracking delicious. I don’t think a lot of people realize that when you begin eating healthy food, the crap will soon taste exactly like that: crap. And it will be much, much easier to keep at the healthy eating after you have lost the weight!

    • ikcewicasa says:

      I was thinking about that last night. Taco meat from those packages results a salty nasty mess This meat is not flaming red in color and it tastes fantastic Jonette and I have been making our own chili powder and other seasonings for years. We also have a steak seasoning and a Louisiana rub that we call rattlesnake seasoning… both of them will knock your socks off.

      after I am done with this extreme diet I am looking for some sort of thing I can use to replace chips… sometimes I just crave something crunchy.

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