Good Cat, Bad Cat, Kitten

Sorry that I have not been around much recently. Holidays get crazy and Happy Holidays to my entire handful of readers. This holiday season the wife and I added a new family member.

Meet Yoshi! She is a 3 or 4 month old kitten. We adopted her from the Denver Dumb Friends League earlier this month. She is a real cutie as you can see. In this picture she is completely knackered after a long play session and a bath. She is so busy playing that she does not clean herself so we have to do it for her. Jonette and I needed some happiness this winter and a kitten fit the bill. Catzilla also has been wanting for a companion. His trying to play with Cinnamon has not been received well due to the fact that Cinnamon is old and grumpy.

It was not long before Yoshi and Catzilla became fast friends. They are nearly inseparable. It took only a week. I came in from the garage refrigerator carrying some food items and found Catzilla flat on his back in the middle of the living room floor with Yoshi bouncing around his head biting his neck. After 3 weeks they play constantly.

Yoshi seems to be pretty smart; we have a cat toy that is a piece of plastic fringy stuff on the end of a wire. I put the handle in between the arm and cushion of the couch so that Yoshi can play with it solo. Yoshi spent a couple days jumping and batting at the plastic fringy stuff and then realized that a wire was attached to it. She now plays with it by jumping up on the couch and manipulating the wire to make the toy bounce around. This occupies her for hours at a time.

Just recently she got the fringy part stuck in the door of the fireplace. I was going to let Yoshi worry over getting it loose for a bit and then free it for her. Catzilla was watching the activity and, before I decided to help out, ran over to the fireplace and attempted to free the toy for Yoshi. Catzilla was unsuccessful so I intervened and all was happy with the world. I am amazed that Catzilla was so quick to see the problem and then try to help out. Good Cat.

Unfortunately Cinnamon, I have already mentioned is old and grumpy, wants nothing to do with Yoshi other than make her disappear.

We have 5 cat nests, and 3 cats. Catzilla refuses to use any of the cat nests. He prefers boxes. So we have 5 cat nests and only 2 cats using them. Yoshi took a liking to a small white donut shaped one and yesterday Cinnamon decided to pee in it. Not just a little pee, she hosed it down. Cinnamon must have saved over a day’s worth and just let fly right before we got home. We came into the house and poor Yoshi was trying to bury it in the living room. I found a long stick and managed to get the soaked thing in the washing machine. Yoshi will have her nest back tonight. Cinnamon will just have to cope with having only 4 nests and 3 chairs to sleep on. Bad Cat!

I cannot be to mad at Cinnamon, she is 18 years old and is losing her teeth and her kidneys are bad. We have to give her antibiotics for her teeth and liquid for her kidneys. And she sleeps all day or is eating or begging for food. I just wish she would leave Yoshi alone, Yoshi spends all her time chewing on Catzilla and he could not be a happier cat for it.

More pictures of Yoshi.

Pictures of Yoshi and Catzilla

Denver Dumb Friends League.

Video of Yoshi and Catzilla playing King of the Box. A favorite game.


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Ikcewicasa means common man in Lakota. I guess that describes me. I am turning 40 next year. I have a college degree and I have a professional job. The blog is just random stuff. I try and keep most of my posts humorous in nature sprinkled with a bit of American Indian items, soundtracks (which I love), food (something I also love) and movies (when I have the money and time to go see them. so basically ramblings that rattle around in my mind. Hope you enjoy. Like what you read? comment and re post. don't like what you read, let me know as well. ALL STORIES ON THIS SITE ARE ABSOLUTELY TRUE... EXCEPT THE PARTS I MAKE UP!
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  1. Bru says:

    I love the King of the Box video. 🙂

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