It is the Holidays “Jingle bells, Batman Smells…”

Ahhh the holidays. There is Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah, Solstice, and New Year’s. I used to work retail and the happy holidays usually ended up as a month of misery and upset. It is a tough thing manning the counters and providing everyone the necessities for having a good holiday season. I understand the stress of customers, feasts, parties and gift giving. I get it. I feel your pain.

What I do not understand is the massive amount of self-burdened annoyance regarding the names of the holiday season.

Let’s take Thanksgiving first. I know people who absolutely hate Thanksgiving. I and others call them super Indians. They see Thanksgiving as a day of mourning not celebration. Yes the kids running around in paper feathers and fake fringed vests are annoying. However, as I have always said holidays are what you make of them. There is nothing more Indian in this world than saying “thanks” and eating massive quantities of food with your friends and family. The very concept of a thanksgiving feast was created here for a reason. Indian people have had thanksgiving feasts long before any pilgrims arrived. There are no pilgrims at my table, only friends. The anti-thanksgiving stuff is just stupid; there is no other way to describe it.

The next holiday is Christmas. I am not Christian but I understand that we live in the Christian nation. When I worked through college at a liquor store I would tell customers Merry Christmas during this time of the year. I was stunned when a customer yelled back at me “I’m Jewish!” errr um ok. I figured that since Merry Christmas offends some of our Jewish customers I decided “Happy Holidays” it is. I want to be inclusive, since not only is there Chanukah, but Kwanzaa and Solstice. I can be all inclusive and multicultural and ummm stuff.


That is not good enough!

A week later I say Happy Holidays and the customer responds. “This is Christmas! Jesus is the reason for the season! How dare you say Happy Holidays to me?” I wanted to beat my head on the counter till I lost consciousness. I can’t win.


Super Indians – If I say Happy Thanksgiving to you, I am not participating in or honoring colonialism or genocide. Nor am I expressing approval for the god awful Thanksgiving pageants and other silliness that goes on with the so called “First Thanksgiving” I know it is all BS. I celebrate as a true giving of thanks, thanks that has been given on this soil long before America existed. If you live outside the United States, yea my bad just take it as “have a good day”

Christians. If I do not say Merry Christmas I am not oppressing you or waging war on your beliefs. I know what a war on beliefs looks like, and I can guarandamntee you that Happy Holidays is not a war against Christianity. In fact here in the United States there is no war against you of any kind. If you say “Merry Christmas” to me I will smile and say “Merry Christmas” back to you, and I will mean it.

Jews. If I say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to you, I am not oppressing you or ignoring your culture and beliefs. I am treating you like I treat everyone I see. I cannot tell if someone is Jewish on sight so please forgive me for my error. In fact if you say “Happy Chanukah” I will smile and say “Happy Chanukah” back to you, and I will mean it.

Almost all of us are celebrating something this time of year. Not all of us are celebrating the same things; some of us are not celebrating anything at all.



Happy Holidays everyone, even if that irritates you… still have a happy holidays, it really is the best I can do. Celebrate the season however you wish to, but enjoy it and do not worry so much about how or if everyone else is celebrating.

Can we all agree on New Year’s? Or does there need to be drama over that as well?


About ikcewicasa

Ikcewicasa means common man in Lakota. I guess that describes me. I am turning 40 next year. I have a college degree and I have a professional job. The blog is just random stuff. I try and keep most of my posts humorous in nature sprinkled with a bit of American Indian items, soundtracks (which I love), food (something I also love) and movies (when I have the money and time to go see them. so basically ramblings that rattle around in my mind. Hope you enjoy. Like what you read? comment and re post. don't like what you read, let me know as well. ALL STORIES ON THIS SITE ARE ABSOLUTELY TRUE... EXCEPT THE PARTS I MAKE UP!
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2 Responses to It is the Holidays “Jingle bells, Batman Smells…”

  1. Once I said “Merry Christmas” to someone and they said “We don’t celebrate Christmas.” I said “Oh, okay. Happy whatever!” and they laughed. If you say it with a smile then they know you mean well. Most of the time.

  2. Daniel Digby says:

    Happy holidays when there aren’t any holidays? Where were you during Ramadan or on Krishna’s and Bahá’u’lláh’s birthdays? It’s so much fun being finicky and ruining someone else’s day. Have an excellent tomorrow and remainder of today.

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