VFX Steel

I have seen advertisements for a movie recently called Real Steel. People build robots and they fight in a ring, like boxers. I have seen this before from my childhood, Rock’em Sock’em Robots.

I was thinking that if Hollywood can make a movie out of Rock’em Sock’em Robots they can definitely make a movie out of another childhood favorite, Hungry Hungry Hippos. I can already pitch the trailer.

Title card – Africa

Swelling music, scene opens on an ideal morning on an African river. There are a dozen hippos in the river doing all those wonderfully hippoy things hippos do. There are old hippos and young hippos splashing in the clean water.

V.O. “They lived a perfect life, in a perfect world”

Two hippos nuzzle each other obviously deeply in love, their two hippo children play at their feet.

V.O. “But invaders destroyed that world”

Music switches to a military march

Fast cut to a dirty riverboat filled with men armed with rifles. Cut back to hippos struggling to get out of the water. Cut back to men on boat aiming rifles and firing.

V.O. “The invaders attacked without warning and without mercy. They killed and they captured.”

Cut to the two baby hippos being caught in a net and hauled up onto the river boat.

Music changes to a sad longing tempo.

Montage of hippos being transported down the river, a coastal port, into an ocean going vessel and finally to their destination, a zoo.

V.O. “the captured were taken to a faraway land and enslaved.”

Montage of hippos behind bars and being teased by children.

Cut back to original riverbank, there are fewer hippos, and they are sad. The two hippos raise their head up and roar.

V.O. “It is time for a hippo hero to right the wrongs.”

Cut to hippos running through the grass

V.O. “These hippos are hungry, hungry for.”

Hippo rears up and smashes down…. Blood.


Title card – Hungry Hungry Hippos; Coming soon to a theater near you.


Come on pitch a game move! What have you got?


About ikcewicasa

Ikcewicasa means common man in Lakota. I guess that describes me. I am turning 40 next year. I have a college degree and I have a professional job. The blog is just random stuff. I try and keep most of my posts humorous in nature sprinkled with a bit of American Indian items, soundtracks (which I love), food (something I also love) and movies (when I have the money and time to go see them. so basically ramblings that rattle around in my mind. Hope you enjoy. Like what you read? comment and re post. don't like what you read, let me know as well. ALL STORIES ON THIS SITE ARE ABSOLUTELY TRUE... EXCEPT THE PARTS I MAKE UP!
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5 Responses to VFX Steel

  1. Bambi says:

    I can’t wait to SEE IT !!!!

  2. Deuce says:

    They are releasing a “Battleship” Movie.

  3. james26354 says:

    ROFL – a bad movie a day keeps the doctor away.

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