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In, Through… and Beyond

I have waited over 30 years for an official CD release of John Barry’s The Black Hole. That 3 decade wait ended last night when I destroyed the bubble wrap package holding a bright shiny new CD from Intrada. My … Continue reading

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Moments Before Disaster

I figured I needed to write something this week, and was having trouble coming up with something interesting or funny for my readers. All 5 or 6 of you and I do thank you for your dedication. Today I decided … Continue reading

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Tanka Products Real Food, Real People

I get asked about good ways to help Indian people quite frequently. Every summer it seems as though there is an infestation of groups looking to help rebuild homes and such and that is a great way to help. There … Continue reading

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Flakes, it’s not just for Breakfast Anymore

Many years ago I was asked to assist with a sweat lodge in Boulder Colorado. It was my job to prepare the lodge and heat the stones for the inipi ceremony latter in the evening. Tending the fire is several … Continue reading

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